Sunday, December 25, 2011

Only 1 Day Left to Vote for Roguelike of the Year 2011!

So if you haven't already head over to ASCII-Dreams and vote for Cardinal Quest now ;)


Saturday, December 17, 2011

Ask me about game development

If you've ever wanted to ask me something about making indie games, now is your chance :)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Cardinal Quest 1.2 and What's Next

Heya! I'm Ruari O'Sullivan (randomnine), another games developer with a few small games of my own out there (Beacon and Fear is Vigilance). I've been working with Ido and Joshua Day for the past few months to make Cardinal Quest bigger and better. We've just released Cardinal Quest 1.2. The free version is, as ever, up on Kongregate! If you've paid for CQ then you should receive an email shortly with update info.

Here's what's new and cool in 1.2:

  • We've rebalanced the difficulty spikes in the game, so it's tougher and fairer.
  • Potions are now more powerful, including the new Mana Potion which recharges all your spells.
  • The "Heal" spell now only recharges when you gain XP, so you can't just wait out damage once you've found it.
  • There's a new special weapon late in the game just to help out wizards.
  • We've made a whole bunch of bugfixes. All the weirdness with spells? Fixed!
This is the definitive version of Cardinal Quest. There's never been a better time to get stuck in and kill everything, so get cracking! :D

So now that's out of the way, what's next?

Cardinal Quest II

As you may know, Ido's been hard at work with the other guys at Dinofarm Games on Auro: The Golden Prince, a turn-based, dungeon crawling strategy game. While he gets that moving, he's handed day-to-day development of Cardinal Quest over to Joshua and me - and we have big plans. An expanded "Deluxe" version would be cool, but we're going one better: we're making a sequel.

Cardinal Quest II will have everything we had planned for Deluxe and more. It'll have three new classes, an epic story spanning three chapters (each individually as large as Cardinal Quest Classic), more spells, more items, more monsters, and cool new features like shops and high score tables to record your best runs. Best of all, if you paid for Cardinal Quest before today then you'll get Cardinal Quest II when it comes out for free.

We'll be announcing pricing and taking pre-orders for Cardinal Quest II soon, and I'll be bringing you regular updates right here as the game comes together. For now, get honing your skills on CQ Classic. CQ II's going to be even tougher!