Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Game: Fuel

Without further ado, here is my 7drl 2012 entry - Fuel!

Fuel is an experiment in making a turn based side scroller. I think it turned out really well and am really proud of it :)

It was also made in only 7 days. Give it a try and tell me what you think!



  1. Was going to comment asking for configurable controls, then I read the readme. :) Thanks! This is pretty sweet.

  2. Hi, I played the game and really enjoyed the concept and play. Of course it's rough around the edges and freaking hard, but great work. My suggestions:

    -Control scheme is fine, Ctrl+Arrow to fire works well.

    -Since it seems your goal was to make a turn-based Spelunky, add what makes turn-based games great: more info, as in:
    ---How much damage falling takes, and at what height.
    ---Whether a baddie will be able to hit me before I shoot it
    ---Exactly how many shots and how much booster energy I have left.
    ---Whether an enemy hurts me by being on or merely adjacent to it.
    ---when I fire, whether the crystal I'm on or the enemy I'm aiming at will be hit.

    I think you can include most of that info with graphic and not much data clutter.

    -Why does health go down automatically? I agree with your to-do that it should only decrease if other values are empty. Maybe the jet-pack is also energy for oxygen supply.

    -Admittedly didn't play too long, but I only made it past level 1 a couple times, never beyond. So whatever you think about that.

    Overall great start, and I look forward to how it progresses. If I add this to my Steam games, will it automatically update me when you have the next version ready? I'm guessing not but it'd be nice if so.

    Keep it up!


  3. Hi Don! Thanks for the feedback, I have it all saved :)

    I have no idea what kind of black magic valve would have to dabble with to make that work...However the easiest way I can think of is if you play the web version which I will keep up-to-date (I just have to figure out how to tell flash not to use the version it has cached in your browser).

  4. An easy fix for the browser version issue might be to include the Version number on the bottom right of the opening screen. Then when you update, put an 'update to V1.2!' button below the game screen which, if clicked, deletes and replaces the cache file.

    I don't actually know code that well so maybe that wouldn't work, but it's a thought.