Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New Release - Pakkuman's Defense (Android+web)

This is a significantly expanded and improved version of my Indie-Buskers game, Pakkuman's Defense: an action packed mix between pacman and tower defense!

Eat pellets & fruits to earn enough money to buy towers, which shoot the ghosts that are chasing you. This version includes a bunch of power-ups that appear on the level randomly as you collect the pelletes & improve either your towers or yourself.

This also marks the first mobile release of the game, debuting on android & coming to ios in the future.

Check it out, there is a web and an android version: Pakkuman's Defense.



  1. Excellent music!

    Who made it? I don't see credits in start screen.

  2. Same guy that made the music for Cardinal Quest and a couple other jam games I've worked on :) http://whitakerblackall.com/