Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Cardinal Quest 2!

Cardinal Quest 2 has now officially began it's crowd sourcing campaign on indiegogo! Go ahead and give it a peek, there is a free beta for you on the indiegogo page!


  1. Hi,

    I was wondering - if I buy Cardinal Quest (the first) from GamersGate.co.uk, is that the latest version? GamersGate.co.uk are not listed as one of the retailers on the Cardinal Quest website - does that mean I ought to avoid buying (this game) from them?

    (Reason I am asking about them specifically is because they are running a make-your-own 3-game indie-bundle promotion... and I know I want one of the games (Telepath: Servants of God), and from browsing the available other options, Cardinal Quest seemed the most appealing (... given that I go through periods of Angband / Crawl / Angband variants / Adom addiction every now and then, so I am hoping this will be good for scratching the roguelike itch in a quick way).

    Good Luck with the indiegogo - I supported Adom on indiegogo, and must say that Kickstarter provided a much smoother interface and better options for me as a customer. But who knows - if I buy the first Cardinal Quest, I might enjoy it enough to support your campaign for the second one :)

    Best regards
    /Ola Mikael Hansson (enhorning@gmail.com)

  2. If the game is not the latest version it will show you an update anyway so don't worry about gamersgate :) (also I'm pretty sure I put the latest version there, but as the game lets you updates either way it doesn't really matter).

    Only problem is with people who have really old (before 1.2) versions, as the updating bit wasn't implemented there.