Friday, March 18, 2011

Two Weeks Left & Much Progress Has Been Made

I've been in Atlanta for one week now, and progress on the new version of Cardinal Quest is going along nicely. I am hoping to finish the new dungeon generator today, which should be a bit more interesting than the prototype's very simplistic BSP generator.

As far as things go on the funding side, its run on 8-Bit Funding ends in two weeks. With $4,241 funded our goal of $6000 looms closer than ever!

In other news, Jagosh is working on some new tiles & sprites (including movement animations for all characters and monsters!) and reception of Detribus, the 7DRL we did to test our new engine, have been very positive so far.

I'm going to stay here for another week & then it's back to Vienna. I've made so many great contacts so far- Atlanta's game industry seems to really be on a huge upswing these days. All and all it has been a lot of fun!


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