Wednesday, April 13, 2011

8 Games Worth Playing, 2011 Edition - Part 2

Here are the other four out of eight games I've played and enjoyed in the past year since writing the previous installment.

You can check out part one for the first four games if you haven't already.

  1. Captain Forever - the first in series of abstract space shooters. You pilot a spaceship and try to survive & improve your ship by attaching components salvaged from enemy ships into your own.
  2. vvvvvv - a retro-chic platformer with a great chiptune soundtrack. The main twist on usual side scroller mechanics is your ability to inverse gravity. The game is short but very enjoyable (and hard!).
  3. Chime - a puzzle game that seems like a cross between Tetris and ToneMatrix. Your goal is to cover as much of the playing field as you can before the time runs out by placing blocks & forming "quads". The position of the blocks determines the procedurally generated tune - unfortunately the musical part is purely aesthetic and has no influence on the gameplay.
  4. Ascii Sector - labeled a free space combat/exploration/trading game by its creators, it combines Elite & roguelike gameplay in a huge game world where you alternate between interacting with NPCs planet-side, flying in your spaceship & engaging in interstellar trade.

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