Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Funding is Complete

Funding for Cardinal Quest has ended, and the money was transferred to my account yesterday.

I have received $4,800 ($4,421 after 8bf's 5% fee + paypal transaction fees) which should go a long way in helping finishing the game.

We are working on it now (I am working on it full time and the others work on it part time) & hope to start beta-testing the new version by the end of the month.

If any of you is interested in beta testing, or used 8-Bit Funding to pledge for Cardinal Quest and did not receive an email from me, please contact me or leave a message here.



  1. Congratulations on your funding, Ido!

    Best of luck with Cardinal Quest. Signing up for Beta testing on the forums now. :)

    Ebyan "Nolithius" Alvarez-Buylla

  2. Congratulations! You deserve it! I was so worried that since you did not reach $6000 you weren't going to get any money. I've noticed that apart from your project almost 100% of the projects on 8-bit-funding never reach their goals. Is the rule that you need to reach a certain percentage of the goal in order to get paid?

  3. Yes, you had to reach 50% of the goal to get funded.

  4. I am interested in beta testing my email is DSSCRA@gmail.com